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Simple Personal care – 2 Questions, Why And How?

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the importance of personal care and mental health and to be honest, it is long overdue. Mental health has become increasingly worrying and it’s found that personal care is one of the effective measures to keep the health in check. Also, topical care of the skin is important so using some skin care tips you can do more to improve self-care.

Personal Care: What You Must Know

Why self-care is so important?

It’s important simply because taking care of yourself and keeping them in check will keep your healthy mind, body, and soul, as well as protecting your self from getting sick, especially when it gets worse.

We tend to put off a lot of things that are important to us and instead focusing more to serve others that over time, cause us to get exhausted, mentally, and physically.

Self-care undo all of that and prevent it from happening to you, in the first place.

That said, practicing self-care is not easy and it can be a tricky thing to do. Most of us are leading in a fast-paced lifestyle that is stressful and puts a toll on our body as we don’t have time to put a pause and “smell the roses.” And sadly, we feel guilty when we do so as it makes us think that we’re not productive enough as we should be.

How to do a self-care fit for me?

If you’re serious to not let exhaustion affect you as it happened before, luckily for us there are many ways and types of self-care that you can do to ensure you to be happy, in focus, and in check.

Steps for a self-care to start

For a start, try to include sleep as part of your self-care, by getting enough time for a shut-eye on a daily basis. Studies after studies have shown that getting enough sleep is not only beneficial, it’s also important as it can affect your health and well-being significantly.

Tip: create a haven for your bedroom by adding candles, investing high-quality pillows and duvets, as well as changing the lighting for warm, subdued light that you can sleep through comfortably. It increases the quality of your sleep as well!

Since stress is pretty much part of our lives, you can’t avoid it entirely and instead, manage the stress that you’re having with an effective routine to ensure you can maintain the focus and productivity optimally.

Pour out what’s in your mind, and finding better ways to do your work productively and effectively will reduce the number of loads your brain has to think and gives it more room for any important matters that it needs to think.

While some may put this routine off, you should include exercise as part of your self-care routine. Working out has been proven to be super beneficial not just to your physical body, but also to your mind too. It reduces stress, increases concentration, as well as keeps you happy thanks to the serotonin, a ‘happy’ hormone produced during an intense activity that makes you feel confident.

In terms of topical treatment make sure you go for clean personal care products that are safe.

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